Boarding panui


September 19, 2016

We are doing our best to make things happen for our Whānau and Tauira 


Rudy Taylor - Chairman HPL           Mate Webb - Chairman Hato                                                                  Petera Trustees

A big big thank you!

For your patience and perseverance over the past couple of months witnessing the Hato Petera Limited Board who were unable to agree  on who should be Managing the Hato Petera Hostel that your child is accommodated at. This led to the  Ministry of Education suspending the hostel until we were  able to work through a process to ensure that  the health and safety issues at the hostel is addressed (I have attached for your perusal the letter received from the Ministry & the letter that I sent back to them) This meant that this  left us no option but to find alternative accommodation so that your tamariki is still able to attend school for their mock exams and hopefully we should be able to work with the Ministry to get their confidence that we have addressed all the areas of their concerns and open the hostel facilities in Term 4, allowing for you and your tamariki to be stress free to see out the end of the year term.

We have also decided to call a hui of the whanau on Friday before you pick up your tamariki and head off to a well earned 2 weeks holiday, so that we can give you all a brief up-date.

-          Venue:                         Te Kamaka Marae

-          Time:                           3pm

I would like to acknowledge Mate Webb the Chairman of the School  Board of Trustees and John Matthews (Principal) and their staff for assisting us to sort out the Hostel and I want to also thank James Young (Interim EO) Chrissy Young, Orrin & Leah Ransfield, Nella Ransfield & Yazmin for their continued support in standing in solidarity alongside the team.

Lastly to those parents who have put their hand up to support the accommodation of our Tauira either in the camp or boarding with other whanau. Nga manaakitanga.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me on (021)08127223


Mauri Ora

Rudy Taylor