Every school has its own swimming event as an annual event. These cater for the serious swimmers as well as novelty and fun events to encourage participation by all students. These events are great to foster school spirit and a chance for the school community to come together as one.

On Friday 22nd March 2013, Hato Petera College held its annual Inter House Swimming Gala. Over 40 students competed and there were some excellent and spirited performances in the Northcote College Pool. Leading after the very first race, Pateriki House dominated proceedings with their swimmers winning the majority of the individual races. Maherino and Matene Houses weren’t too far behind and with the gap not proving too far to overcome in the Relay and Medley events. The swimming competition was amazingly fun and lively and everyone was hilarious and enthusiastically cheering at the top of their lungs. Wow! What a fantastic spirit everybody had. The swimmers gave a good display of themselves.

For the record we have had a couple of records broken by the O’Sullivan sisters Nina and Te Meringa, in their respective age groups. Nina, the youngest sister, swimming in the junior section, broke 3 records i.e. the 1 length freestyle, 20.81 seconds, the 1 length backstroke, 25.59 seconds and the 1 length breaststroke, 28.22 seconds. The last record was a record that stood since 1997. Te Meringa, swimming in the intermediate section broke 2 records i.e. the 1 length freestyle, 20.91 seconds (a record that stood since 1995) and the 1 length backstroke, 25.34 seconds (a record that also stood since 1995). Congratulations to their fantastic swimming prowess.

On the day, the Novelty Events turned out to be a winner. Everybody that competed in the various events had a ball of a time. These events are here to stay and are now a part of our annual swimming programme.

Our swimming champions for 2013 are:

Junior boy and girl:

Taiaha Maxwell (Matene) = 26 points and Chanel Toetoe (Maherino) = 26 points

Intermediate boy and girl:

Oscar Ramirez (Maherino) = 46 points and Jayleen Thomas (Maherino) = 27 points

Senior boy and girl:

Wyatt Ngawati (Matene) = 30 points and Cassidy Thompson (Pateriki) = 26 points

Overall house positions:

  • First Place:     Pateriki – 418 Points
  • Second Place:  Matene –  291 Points
  • Third Place:    Maherino –217 Points

I would like to thank all those student officials, Mikaere Hei Hei, Mauriora Bristow and Barney Peters who did duty so diligently and the teachers i.e. Mrs Susan Biggs, Mrs Elizabeth McElrea and Matua Te Hira Paenga who assisted in making the day a huge success.  Big thanks must go out to our house captain, Hone Matthews who not only competed but also played a huge role in getting all the swimmers of his house to enjoy them.