Notice of Annual General Meeting - Te Waka o Petera Charitable Trust

Te Waka o Petera Charitable Trust

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the “Te Waka o Petera Charitable Trust” will be held at Te Kamaka Marae, 103 College Road, Northcote on Sunday 9th October 2016, commencing at 2.00pm.  



Karakia & Mihi whakatau

Whanau Registrations & Apologies

Nominate a Chairperson for the meeting from the floor

General Business

  • Adopt the Trust Deed
  • Elections of Trustees
    • Nominations for Whànau of current boarders enrolled (4 of 7 OR 6 of 11)
    • Nominations for Community (3 of 7 OR 4 of 11)
  • Election of Auditor


Karakia & Mihi whakatau


Definitions for convenience only and shall not affect interpretation, and the singular includes the plural and vice versa:

Whànau” means all persons who are members of Te Whànau o Petera by virtue of their close and continuing association with the Marae o Hato Petera and Hato Petera College and by their support of the Kaupapa o Hato.

Marae” means all facilities surrounding the Te Kamaka Marae Complex including the Whare Karakia, Hato Petera College, Recreational fields, Residential facilities on 35 Akoranga Drive and 103 College Road, Northcote.

Taumata Kaumatua” where there is cause or reason relating to the Tikanga, history, korero or Whakapapa of Te Waka o Petera the matter will be referred to the Taumata Kaumatua for resolution.