Please perform the following simple steps:

1.  Complete the online enrolment application form; (please note that an incomplete application form may delay the enrolment process.)
2.  Call the school office to make an appointment for an enrolment interview; (please note that both the child and a parent must be present at the enrolment interview, and that this applies for Years 9 to 13.)
3.  Remember to bring your child’s latest school report and a certified copy of either their passport or NZ birth certificate; (this is a Ministry of Education requirement.)
4.  Preference of enrolment form must also be completed signed by a Catholic Priest at your parish; (this is a requirement of CDC.)

Important to Note

•  Enrolment applications can only be accepted once all details and documents have been checked by Hato Petera College staff.
•  The Board has delegated to the Principal the authority to act as the Board’s agent in this decision-making process, however the Board does reserve the right to examine any special circumstances and make its own judgement.


The College roll will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the College’s Integration Agreement. The number of places for non-preference students will be governed by the maximum number allowed under the same Agreement.


The Board of Trustees of this College has adopted an enrolment policy and formulated the procedures which follow for the enrolment of new students.  There is no restriction on who may apply for entry, provided they fall within the educational cohort served by the College –  Year 9-13.

Consistent with the Special Character of the College, preference of enrolment is given to families with a commitment to the Catholic Church.  Preference of enrolment is established by the designated agent of the Proprietor in accordance with the revised guidelines approved by the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand in 2003.  Preference forms are available from the College. 

Enquiries can be made through talia@hatopetera.school.nz  or tania@hatopetera.school.nz at any time.  Please include your home mailing address in the email.

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