Summer School Uniform (Terms 1 & 4)

1 Unisex Embroidered College Black Jersey* Winter

2 Tane College Black Drill Shorts*

2 Tane College Grey Short Sleeve Shirt*

2 Kotiro College Black Knee Length Skirt*

2 Kotiro College Short Sleeve Blouse* Black Sandals

Black Socks

Black Leather Lace-Up Shoes (NOT formal use)

Winter School Uniform (Terms 2 & 3)

Unisex College Black & Red School Jacket* College Black Regulation Trousers*

College Grey Shirt* Black Socks

Black Leather Lace-Up Shoes

NB: Items that are identified with * must be purchased from the school. All other items can be sourced elsewhere.

School Sports Uniform

College Black Logo Sports Shirt* College Black Logo Sports Shorts* Sport Shoes and Black Socks

Formal Uniform

1 Red Formal Jersey (Yr 9-10)*

1 Unisex College Tie*

Black Leather Lace-Up Shoes (NOT for school use)

1 Tane Embroidered Black Blazer (Yr 11- 13)*

1 Tane Black Formal Dress Trousers*

1 Long Sleeved White Shirt

Black Leather Belt

Black Socks

1 Kotiro Embroidered Black Blazer (Yr 11-13)*

1 Kotiro Black College Knee Length Skirt*

1 Kotiro Long Sleeved White Blouse

1 Pair of Black Stockings

Formal Uniform

The formal uniform must be worn for school excursions where students are representing the college, yearly school photographs, Sunday Mass and formal events held by the college.


School uniforms are purchased through the School office. They are embroidered with the school logo and are expected to be worn with pride. Uniforms are the responsibility of the student and must be maintained to a high standard. No other type of clothing or footwear will be accepted as part of any school uniform. 


Black School Sandal: 

Black Leather Lace up: Detention Black

Boarding casual shoes: Kenya Canvas

Boarding casual shoes: Charles Fu Black (Number



The personal appearance of all students must be at a high level at all times and should reflect Hato Petera College.

Students must wear the correct school and formal uniform as set out above. The uniform is to be clean and in good repair. School bags with graffiti or advertising of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes are not permitted. Uniforms must be clearly and permanently labelled with the students’ name.

Hair: Tane must have short hair including back, sides and top and no less than No.3 overall. Wahine must have hair tied back at the nape of the neck, plaited and not covering their eyes. No student is to have unnatural, colored, streaked or foiled hair.   No extreme hairstyles are permitted (this includes    but    is    not    limited    to    a    Mohawk,    dread    locks,    rats    tails    or    corn    rows)

Personal Hygiene:  Clean hair and skin is expected as protection against body and foot odour. Students must be clean-shaven at all times. Students are encouraged to bring deodorant with them.

Personal Adornment: Only wristwatches are permitted. Students may wear a taonga around their neck. Only stud earrings or small sleepers are permitted to be worn and only one set of earrings may be worn at any one time. Facial and other body piercings are strictly forbidden.


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